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    Hey I've noticed one thing with TCPMP that either it doesn't do or for some reason I can't find... and that's to open a URL by typing or pasting in the URL adress like you can with WMP.

    TCPMP has been amazing with how it will both play videos from youtube, or stream internet radio from shoutcast .pls files I save.

    But when I want to manually put in a URL for it to open, I can't find any such option in any of it's menus.

    The other night I wanted it to stream video from my VisionsGS camera program on my home PC and I had to play total geek and open an existing .pls file in notepad, and write a .pls file with the url in it and save the .pls onto my sd card.
    Like this ---> [playlist]numberofentries=1File1=mms:/ TCPMP has the option to open a file, which can be a playlist on the sd card. So that makes this work.

    That did the trick but I'd like to be able to just open a url with TCPMP on the fly when I want to see if it will play a format, etc. In this case the url would be mms:/ which is the IP adress and port to my computer that would be running the streaming video server.

    Any ideas?
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    I wrote a little script that makes a pls file from whatever address is in the clipboard. (requires mortscript, just paste the source into a text file and save as something.mscr on your device):


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