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    How do I stop the 'new message' ringtone when I get a text message when I am on a phone call? its a bit embarrassing. BTW I have screen lock during call.

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    i think you need to tweak the regsitry on your phone. You would also be needing a 3rd party software in order for you to tweak that.

    or you could either turn off the sound and set it to vibrate when you receive a new text message.
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    If you only want the new message notification sound shut off during phone calls, then yes you probably need a registry tweak or 3rd party.

    If you can tolerate it being off all the time (just an onscreen new message notification bubble), then you can do that easily... just find the Sounds icon in your programs. After you tap on it, pick the Notifications tab, then select Messaging: New Messages from the drop down box. Then you should be able to change things there.

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    let me clarify. I need the text notification - its my pager. I want to hear the tone then push button to stop it. i'd like to be able to hit a button to 'acknowledge' the message during the call - when the treo screen is displaying the screen for my telephone - and stop the star wars theme!
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    You should be able to change it to vibrate following Meister's directions.
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    maybe use a shorter notification sound that isn't an entire song....
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    You should change your thread title, I hte misleaading ones

    Anyway, this was just asked in the wx forum as well, so I'll just paste my answer :

    It bothers me too, but have yet to find the setting for this. Phonealarm has the option if you care to install it. I like the program but don't use it because I don't feel I need it.
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    no intention to mislead...
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    So let me see if I understand this... since the softkey that you would normally use to dismiss the New Message notification is used by the phone app during a phone call, you want an alternate way (a key) to dismiss the New Message notification during a phone call so that you don't have to listen to the New Message sound.

    If that is true, then I agree with Pattycerts... wasn't really clear what you were asking for.

    Is vibrating for this notification like mentioned above out of the question?

    As far as a key to do this, you are probably going to need a third party app such as what Patty mentions or a registry hack to let you remap a soft key or some other key during a call to dismiss the notification. I am not sure if there is a way to directly access the notifications queue to let you dismiss a notification via such a key mapping setup. Hopefully, someone else here can offer some better informed insight.

    One other thing that comes to mind is that I believe you can tap on the notification icon in the area at the top of the screen with your stylus as another way to access the notification queue. I have not played with that much, but I have noticed that often when I tap on that icon, I get a drop down list of notification icons if I have several in the queue. Not sure if you can use that to dismiss a New Message notification during a phone call, but you might try it. (Maybe tap and hold a notification in the drop down?) Don't have my Treo in front of me so I cannot check it right now.

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    Thanks all. I need a loud annoying ringtone for text messages. I'm a doctor and this is my pager. I disble touch screen during calls because my face actuates screen. having loud text notification during work call is disconcerting.
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    The issue is that if you receive a text while on a call, the alert sounds through the earpiece. So for that second or two (or longer depending on the ringtone) you can't hear the caller. It's quite annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by esamett View Post
    How do I stop the 'new message' ringtone when I get a text message when I am on a phone call? its a bit embarrassing. BTW I have screen lock during call.

    My solution for a similar need has been a combination of SPB Phonesuite and SPB Time. Phonesuite allows me to tailor profiles and Time gives me some very annoying tones used for wakeup, whitelist calls, etc. With the newer builds, both have been problem-free and reliable for my use. Their support has been pretty good about responding to customer feedback too.
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    Ok, I think I understand the issue...
    Its something I don't think I ever really thought about...

    Another possibility you might look into are some of Cellneuron's hacks that he has posted on this forum for the Treo 750:

    Look at posts #6 and #15--I think they might be relevant in that they allow you to suspend the PDA while on a phone call. (Note, though, that I have not tried them myself.)

    Obviously, this depends a lot on what your level of comfort with tweaking the registry is. If you try this, make sure you back up everything first. You might try PM'ing Cellneuron, also, since he has posted a lot of hacks for the 750.

    Other than that and 3rd party software, I am out of ideas, and I will stop posting to this thread and hopefully someone else will have some ideas that will chime in.


    PS - Thanks for changing the thread title... much clearer.
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    YES! I had this same problem today. Ive only had my Treo 2 weeks and this was the first time I received a text during a call. I also use it as a pager so I have a 2.5 minute tone for texts. I also had call waiting turned on, and received a phone call as well during the same call, same problem my Treo was ringing, vibrating and announcing the call and the person I has talking too was wondering what on earth was happening. I am amazed that this device can't deal with this properly without a hack!

    Anyway, I also can't wait to see a hack, mortscript or the like...
    *waiting and hoping*
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    if I set phone band to gsm only I read you lose simultaneous data and voice. does this mean no text messages received during phone calls?
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    no...sms is not a data transfer...

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