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    Quote Originally Posted by stageworks View Post
    Sounds great!!! I want to get a 8gb micro/w adapater. Where did you get it? cost?


    I'm just using a genric adapter that came with a micro card I bought a while ago for a Blackberry. But you can get a micro to mini adapter pretty cheaply online ($3-$4 plus shipping). I don't have any affiliation to them but here's one:

    --> scroll down on that page you'll see several listed as 'accessories'

    All told you should be able to get a 8 GB micro and adapater for pretty close to a hundred bucks at prices right now.
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    I use a 1G Sandisk miniSD
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShuckyD View Post
    I have a 4GB SDHC MiniSD card from Kingston as well. Works great with WM6.
    Currently on a "starter" 1GB MiniSD that came with the phone (earlier WM5).

    Now on WM6 - upgrading to this Kingston 4GB SDHC (class 4) - has them on sale for $16.95
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    Im using a Sandisk 8GB micro SDHC with Adapter and it works like a charm. However the speeds are a bit slow maybe because its only a Class 4 type. So far the best & fastest Ive tried the the Transcend 4GB Class 6 one with Adapter. No word on a 8 gig version yet.
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    It shouldn't be slow... I get a VFSMark of about 1095 with the Sandisk 6gb class 4.
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    Yup, the Sandisk 8GB micro SDHC is pretty decent & fast and Im using it right now. Its just that Transcend 4GB Class 6 is a screamer and if anyone who dont need the capacity, may want to consider it.
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    I'm using a SanDisk 2GB Class 4. I don't use my phone for media or anything like that, so not much need for anything larger. Thinking Class 6 might be the way to go, since I do run some programs off of it.
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    I can play 720p video off of a Sandisk class 4 with no problems.
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