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    I just got my new laptop with windows Vista OS and internet bluetooth capabilities. But i've run into 2 problems trying to get my Sprint 700wx working right with vista!

    Problem 1

    My laptop has internal bluetooth function and it recognizes my phone. However, I am unable to sync it with vista's Windows Mobile program. Is there something I'm missing in order to sync it? The active sync manager was unable to find anything when I clicked on add new devices. Do I just have to install the program that came with the phone or should the window's mobile program do the trick?

    Problem 2

    Also when I try to use my phone as the modem by dialing up, I cannot connect. I use "#777" as the dial number but it won't connect me! Do I have to do any mods to my DUN properties before I am able to connect?

    Thanks guys I really appreciate ya'lls help! And happy holidays
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    Well I think you need to have the drivers installed for the phone.
    Or maybe that's just for USB. Getting it to work under USB first may help.
    BlueTooth never seems to work as good as you want it. It is kind of a POS technolodgy from what I gather.

    Anyway, I've noticed that it will not sync using Windows Mobile Device Center if you have the phones "Modem Link" program running.
    However, you need to have "Modem Link" running in the phone for the computer to see it as a modem.

    I know that when using the USB cable and the drivers installed, I can turn on Modem Link. Vista will find it as a dial up modem. So in your settings, make sure you are trying to dial #777 with the TREO modem, NOT the built in dial up modem the laptop uses to connect to a landline phone.

    There's a thread in here somewhere with a walk through on the DUN methods.

    My laptop doesn't have a built in BlueTooth and the USB bluetooth I have is a POS. otheriwse I'd try it and see how to get it working.
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    Haha thanks man. It would be amazing if the bluetooth worked with my phone! It's so convenient to use.

    Anybody know why vista has windows mobile app installed in the control panel? If you can't use it? :\
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    I am using my Treo 700wk with Vista and Windows Mobile Device Center. I connect by USB. Since my laptop doesn't have bluetooth I can't address that issue.

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