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    I downloaded and installed WM6 and synced everything and my contacts now on the pc in outlook are gone, well the ones from my treo show up on my pc but none of the originals that were on the pc are there unless I type the first letter of the name in and they are in the history but they won't show as listed in addy book. Can someone please tell me how to get them back?
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    my guess is that you screwed up something in the sync precess and are now screwed and will have to re-enter all your contacts.

    not sure what you mean by them being in your history. if you dial the name and it pulls up a number (from your contact list), it should be saved in your phone contacts. My guess is you are doing something wrong and need to read the manual...
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    I had the same problem. If I started typing in a name, the contact showed up but if I opened my contact list from Menu, there was a blank screen.
    I called Palm and they told me to do a hard reset. It worked.

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