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    These are some issues that I've been having with my Treo 700w (Vz) recently... and I'm at the point that I'm looking for a new phone. Before I do that, I wanted to know if these issues have been seen by others, if this appears to be indicative of WM in general, or is just my unit...

    - Phone goes into sleep mode and can not be woken without reset (remove battery/insert battery). The green light blinks to show the phone online, however the screen will not come back to life.
    - Phone is slow to respond at times, resulting in an inability to answer calls, as phone will not be responsive enough to allow screen lock removal and call answer.
    - Phone battery will drain quickly. This appears to happen in low-signal areas, especially when EVDO is enabled. Going into a zero coverage area for approximately 30 minutes can result in a 10% drop in battery.
    - Screen lock does not always hold. I'm not sure if it's the fact that the phone hits something in my pocket, or what... but I've noticed that the screen lock sometimes becomes unlocked and random buttons pressed. Also see above about phone being slow to respond.

    If you can recommend another phone, that does not have these issues... I'm all ears.

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    Not to argue for you to keep the 700W, but all the problems you list really point to 3rd party app problems. What do you have installed? The first slide2unlock app I tried did all of the above. As far as a new device, if your with VZW, I have heard good things about the new Samsung, and 6800 each...I think it would be in which feels better to you in usage though.

    Let us know what apps you have, and if you like, maybe we can figure out what is going on. (besides the fact your stuck with the W instead of a WX)

    P.S. How long have you had the W?
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    Thanks for the post. The only apps that I have installed on the phone are:

    Spb Pocket Plus
    Google Maps
    MarkSpace Missing Sync

    Phone SW: Treo 700W_-1.22-VZW

    I have had this phone for about 18 months, but it appears that things have gotten worse over the last 2 or 3 months. All of the above apps have been on the phone for at least a year, as I've been pretty static with the software and configuration on the phone. The two phones that you mention are the two that I'm considering.

    When the phone works, it's great -- just that when it goes to sleep on me or drains the battery it has caused me some problems. If you have any hints or suggestions, I'm all ears.

    Thank you!
  4. #4 don't have any of the problem apps I had in mind. The only thing I see on your list is Pocket Plus. I have the newest version and it has been flukey at times. If you have had the phone that long, your battery may well be run down, other than that, I would install a memmaid type app, and do some system cleaning, or even a hard-reset. may be time for a new phone!!!! :-)
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    I had the 700w and now the 700wx. Day and night as far as performance. As syrguy1969 pointed out it may be time for some housecleaning. My 700w (I went through 2 units) needed constant care (SKTools) to keep it running properly. I had Spb Pocket Plus installed and had to remove it because my 700w ran slow, constantly locked up and had to be rebooted. Just like your problem, it seemed to get worse the longer I had the unit. No such issues with my 700wx!
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    Thanks for the tips... I may end up going with the hard-reset approach. I think the battery is fine, as when the phone is behaving, I can go about 3 or 4 days without a charge, and light usage and be fine.

    Verizon will let me get a new phone in April... so I just need to get through the next few months, and I can pick up a new device.
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    I would go that a hard reset (it doesn't sound like you have too much to re-do from scratch) and rebuild from scratch....NOT a backup.

    I would stay away from PocketPlus, I know it has it's great points, but it is pretty flukey, and there are other apps out there you can use....If you find something, just ask in here, and I am sure you can get a good idea how it will work on your device (I have used quite a few myself so PM me if you need any info on a specific one and you don't want to post here).

    Anyway....I would do the 'from scratch' thing, and wait out your contract will save a LOT of money that way, plus, isn't setting up a device like this half the fun of having one?
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    one other thing - since the 700w only had 32Mb total RAM (with about 15 left for what's called 'user available memory') you also might want to keep a close eye on your RAM. You may know this already but press and hold the OK button to do a quick check on your memory.

    Before I went to a 700wx, my 700w was always way down low on memory, and that was the cause for a lot of issues I was having.

    Just a thought.
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    So, I currently have a 700w and I'm due for a new phone from Verizon in 2 weeks. Should I consider the wx, or move up to a WM6 phone, like the VX6800?

    Keep in mind that I do about 3-4 soft resets a day with my 700w now.
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    Sounds just like every 700w I've heard about (including mine).

    The solution I went with to make this phone liveable is as follows:

    1) Get rid of today-screen plugins (700w just simply doesn't have enough free RAM to run them).

    2) Put Oxios close-apps and Oxios Hibernate, both mapped to the side-button (instead of the camera), and use regularly.

    3) Free RAM hack, down from 5MB to 2MB.

    4) Soft reset one every 3-4 days.

    If I try anything other than this (even installing something as simple as weather-panel) then it becomes unbearable. With the above "rules", I can run skype, run IE, stream media, and a bunch of other "needed" things, without it crashing. As soon as I start tweaking the interface with things like SPB plus, today-agenda, et al., it becomes a nightmare.
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    I've trimmed down to just the default apps... did a hard reset and all... however, I notice that when I have the keylock activated, I still have problems where the phone won't "come back to life" or won't release from the keylock. Without the keylock activated... I don't seem to have these problems, but the phone in pocket just ends up randomly dialing people... :-)

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