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    I got a new 24" core 2 duo iMac running leopard, I want to completely ween myself away from microsoft, I have been doing very well at that, I just need to be able to sync my 700wx to my OSX machine and have it sync with iCalender, iMail, iTunes, iPhoto, and my contacts. Is this possible with minimal headache and good stability? for the most part mindows and OSX get along in some ways, I dont know about this issue though. If anyone has successfully managed this task please post a tut. or in depth details, as the search feature for this forum would work this morning. I usually dont post without a lengthy search but when its down its down right?

    any help is appreciated.
    Thank you
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    MissingSync doesn't work either.

    I went with SyncMate. They gave me a free license for beta testing. They don't have tasks syncing yet, but it will come eventually. There are many problems over at the Mark Space website with treos and Leopard in general that no one can resolve. I think I will pass on MissingSync.

    Not trying to blame them, but I install SyncMate and it just works so it is my choice for now. The treo is a pain too as Pairing won't allow activesync service with bt for some reason. I just get serial port when pairing. Others having the same problem via BT. Works on our older imac running Tiger no prob for me.

    I am sad to say that I had a replacement device and got stuck with sprints updated rom like others.
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    I've had great success from missing sync. The only thing I had to do was switch to the palm serial usb program rather than rndis. It should be on your treo already.

    I made the same switch in December.

    Do yourself a favor though and get Entourage office 08. iCal and iMail are an absolute joke. Apple's office program is worth picking up if you used to use powerpoint, other wise the MS office products are superior to Apple's Pages and Numbers.
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