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    Can someone please tell me what the setting "today timeout" does in the today screen settings? (WM6) It can be turned on and off and set from 4 to 24 hours?

    Also on the options for calender in the today settings, you can select between "next appt" or "upcoming appts" and there is a tick box for "Display all day events". Any combination of these settings doesn't seem to do much. The all day events are turning on and off, but the others aren't changing much. Also it shows all day events for the current day, but not the next day, instead it is showing timed events two or more days into the future.

    Bit weird how this works, any info would be appreciated and better still any hacks?
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    From the AT&T Forum:
    Say you leave the web browser or some other program open when the device goes into sleep mode. This is the amount of time that the device will keep that program open, without the device being awaken, before it automatically goes back to the today screen.

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