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    Just got a palm treo 700wx. I have a set of Jabra stereo headsets. I can only hear the right headset. Any suggestions?
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    I cant use the treo headset that came in the box. I have to use the headsets that wrap around your ears....
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    Which jabra model? What firmware version are you up to on your 700 wx?
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    I believe they are called Jabra c220. And I think I am using 1.15 on the firmware.
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    for some reason i was thinking you were talking about bluetooth headphones


    because they are an actual wired headset this is no longer a software issue

    Something is wrong with your headphones, or the treo (hardware wise)

    try plugging in the headphones that came with the treo

    if you find the same results your treos headphone jack may be "jacked" up

    however, if they work; go and exchange your Jabra c220 headphones for new ones.

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