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    Man, never have I been so attached to a cell phone before. I got a really really good deal on a brand new Touch from Sprint, tried it for a day and did an ESN swap back to the Treo. It was weird, I felt sad leaving my Treo behind but what I missed the most was the one hand operation I've become so accustomed to with the stationary keyboard. So...until Palm gets their act together with an updated Treo or someone else comes up with a form factor that's similar to the Treo, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Long live the Treo , even if it gives me headaches sometimes.
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    Thats always been Treo's main advantage. Exposed keys make navigation and data entry just so fast.

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    I was in the same boat... upgraded to a Samsung SCH-i760. Great phone, BUT i coupldn't part with my Treo. I'm here to stay!
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    Same thing here. I borrowed a Mogul from a friend to try for a weekend. Nice device, but I couldn't live with it daily. I need my Treo for the one-handedness. (if that's even a word). Heck, I came to the 700wx from years of Blackberry. My wife just got a recent model BB from her office. I can still work it and I know all the shortcuts (some of which I do really wish were on the Treo), but the form factor just doesn't feel right. This is certainly a thing Palm got very right. It just feels right in the hand (singular).
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    I don't know, my brother and sister's Curves feel pretty good in the hand too...
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    I bought a Mogul from someone on Craigslist and have kept my 700Wx, too. I've been doing ESN swaps back and forth and while I miss the Treo, I'm getting used to the Moguls larger screen, wifi and huge internal storage.
    For now I'll keep both and eventually get rid of the Treo for the 800W (fingers crossed) when/if Sprint gets it.
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    My Touch kept freezing on me while using iGuidance where my Treo doesn't seem to have any issues with it. The Touch is faster in some aspects but the one hand contact lookup and dial was hands down the factor why I went back to the Treo. So, after having it for a few days and really only using the phone feature for a few minutes, off to ebay it goes. No buyers remorse as I got a heck of a good deal on the phone; actually going to make some money on it when I sell it.
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    same with me..had the wx, tried the touch for a few days and went straight back to my wx. I am anxiously waiting for the 800
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    how much do you want for the touch?
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    My friend got a Mogul against my advice. He downloaded and paid for a ringer (doh) and , after two hours we gave up. He traded it in for a 755p and is amazed.

    Honestly, as much as the Palm oS is flawed, has cost me more hours of trouble than I care to think about, the Palm OS - Treo 755P blows the Mogul and WM6 away in alost every aspect. Docs to Go works better ona Treo than the mini version of Office. Go figure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by painter0121 View Post
    how much do you want for the touch?
    It's on Ebay.
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    what is your ebay id so i can check it out
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    It's hard to get the feel for a device in just 1 day. When I went from a 700p to a 700wx, I was ready to thow it against a wall after just a day. I held onto it for a week and loved it more than the 700p. My Mogul was not as big of a transition since the OS stayed Windows Mobile. However, it still took me about a week to adapt to the slide out keyboard. I am happy with my upgrade especially with all the custom ROMs I have built.

    However, I don't think I could use a Touch as the lack of a hardware keyboard and the limited number of hardware buttons would be a deal breaker for me.
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    I don't think this is allowed per Treo Central's rules but i'm going to give it a shot. Here's the item number: 170181058352
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    cool man i placed a bid on it
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    After all this time, I cannot believe no one else has figured out that an exposed keyboard on the PPC (professional) OS makes ALL the difference in the world!

    Samsung is coming out w/one, and iPaq made on the size of my head, but other than that there really is no competition for one-handed use right now.

    I do like my Blackjack though, and find I use that much more than my Treo. But the CPU is crappy and the OS is a little crippled compared to professional...

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