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    Hi everyone,

    I recently enabled the keyguard application (can't remember exactly what it's called anymore since the phone is dead) - the one that locks your phone after x minutes of no use and then prompts for a password to unlock. When I soft-reset my phone for the first time after a couple days, it rebooted and immediately tried to launch ActiveSync (never used to do that before) and then Voice Command (never did that before either). Voice command said it had some error and needed to be restarted. At this point, my phone froze up and became completely unresponsive. I tried to soft reset again but the same thing happened. Now I'm locked out from the keyguard (too many attmepts) and my phone refuses to boot up to the home screen at all. It wants me to enter "A1B2C3" to unlock it but it locks up before i can type it in.

    Anyone have any ideas what I can do? It's almost like these programs somehow got added to the windows startup. How can that be? And how can I disable it? Also, is there any way to "interrupt" the boot process and start in a safe mode or something like a windows PC? Any ideas at all much appreciated because right now my phone won't even turn on and get to the home screen so when i call it, it goes straight to voicemail.


    EDIT: It's the "Lock" application under Settings, NOT Keyguard. Thanks.
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    Is your battery dead? If so can you plug it in and get power? Do you have a backup of your data? If so the easiest option is to try a hard reset. The other option may be a replacement from your carrier.
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    Hard reset was my first thought as well! I have a similar situation with an alarm clock app that keeps 'sneaking' into startup. I go into memmaid, and delete it from startup, then do a reset to re-enable the app. A good source mentioned uninstalling the app, cleaning the regestry, and doing a reset. Then to install tha app other idea as to 'why' it happens, just on how to correct it (for now).

    Do you have a keyguard like that for a reason OTHER than answering the phone by accident, or running the battery down for no reason (things hitting the screen)? The reason I ask is that if you don't want to deal with a password locking you out, there are a lot of others out there, some really cool, like a slide2unlock app I can give you the link for if your interested.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Uninstalling etc was not an option since the phone could never boot up completely. The battery was fine also. I really didn't want to hard reset, but I had to do it after all Now i just have to reinstall everything etc and I should be fine. It's a pain, but I didn't really have a choice.

    I was using the lock application since I didn't want the kids in the house over the holidays to be able to get in to my phone.

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    If you are not backing up your data, I suggest a data backup program like Sprite Backup (free for 700w/wx) or SPB Backup.

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