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    I am finally thinking of switching to a WM Treo when the 800w releases. I guess I've always held off on the 700wx because I never liked the idea of a device that couldn't support a variety of WM apps because of its 240x240 resolution.

    My question is if the Treo 800w does in fact have 320x320 resolution, will this mean you can finally use all of the apps you once needed to pan through (due to resolution issues)? Will a 320x320 resolution be able to handle all 320x240 resolution apps? I wouldn't see why not.

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    In fact it will add a whole new set of incompatibilities, and will act a lot more like a 240x240 screen than a 320x240 screen.

    The Samsung i780 has a 320x320 screen. TheUnWired has a video of the user interface, which should give you an idea of what the 800w will look at.

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    So aside from 3rd party apps, I'm curious to see what WM itself will look like. I mean, when you crank up the resolution like that you can either fit more stuff on the screen, OR you keep everything the same size but give it lots more detail.

    I'm presuming they're doing the latter based on that video of the i780 but it's tough to tell for sure.
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    480x480 would have been a hell of a lot easier to deal with for everyone. Are they still quite expensive?
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    I never had used a 320x320 screen, but did use the Microsoft WM emulator that lets you set any of the supported resolutions. I found that most 320x240 apps did not seem to work correctly with a 320x320 screen. Some will just zoom to fill the screen and you will still have to scroll just like the 240x240 screens.

    Microsoft should have built the OS to "letterbox" the legacy 320x240 apps by allowing the whole program to fit in the screen and maybe black bars to the right or left of it.

    I use a 3270 emulation app on my Windows Mobile device, and when I tried it in 320x320 mode, it would not display all of the text. Words would be missing letters in the middle of them. For instance Date might show up as Dte and some of the entry fields would be missing spaces as well, making the programs useless.

    On the plus side, a 480x480 device did not experience any of these problems as it just makes the program display like its twice as big. On a 480x480 screen, you will not see any additional info on the screen. It's just a higher resolution and smoother fonts.

    320x320 screens have been around for several years now. I wonder what the hold up is on debuting a 480x480 screen?
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    why would you bother emulating 320x240 and not say 240x240? we don't run 320x240 now on our screens and the majority of programs out there do 240x240-so the would just need to be upscaled to the 320 res...

    unless I'm missing something, your test just doesn't make sense. I mean on the 240x240 emulator, do 320x240 apps look fine? I would imagine why would that change. Apps need to be programmed to be "square aware" and most are these days-if not it is pretty easy for a programmer to support a new resolution.

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    New programs shouldn't have too much of a problem. Unfortunately, I still use some that have not been updated. With the 320x320 being a new supported resolution, I doubt some programs will play nice, even if they do run 240x240. My 3270 emulation program is a perfect example. It works fine in 240x240 mode, but is pretty much broken in 320x320 mode. I'm sure this will be pretty rare for the most part, but it doesn't help when you need that program to work.

    All of this should be a moot point though. Even 320 resolutions are so yesterday. Did you see the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1? Now that's what I'm looking for. Hopefully we'll be seeing higher resolutions from all manufacturers now.

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