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    I got a new Treo the other day, I run Vista Home Premium so the Treo website told me to download the Windows Mobile Device Center. I plugged the Treo in and installed the software, it started setting up so I went to lunch, when I came back it said the Treo USB had been disconnected, so I plugged it back in, from then on it didn't detect the Treo. I have tried it on my XP laptop using the Active Sync provided, it also didn't recognise anything. Now the only message displayed is 'USB device not recognised'. Any ideas. I am annoyed!
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    I have exactly the same problem. I'm syncing w/ Outlook 2007. On my XP I uninstalled and reinstalled ActiveSync and soft reset my 750 and it worked,( but it had worked before).
    Vista (home basic) same problem but have not found a solution. I also could sync before but it took a lot of effort to get connected with WMDC initially. Annoying: Agreed!

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