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    2/28/2008 (please ignore the post from jrinehart76, that's me!)
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    April 28.
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    Treo 800w release date 3/28/2008.
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    March 2, 2008
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    March 18, 2008
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    May 10th
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    March 15th
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    For giggles and I know Dieter really wants me to win...

    Feb 25th.

    P.S. and this is the time on Sprockets when we dance. sorry had to.
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    March 14th.
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    March 6, 2008
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    March 26
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    2/29/07 in honor of my 10 year old wife!
    Freedom Isn't Free, Never Forget 9/11
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    Quote Originally Posted by eng50 View Post
    2/29/07 in honor of my 10 year old wife!
    Ok, that's just creepy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WMExperts Articles View Post
    We are confident, *very confident*, that the Treo 800w is coming in the next few months. And we are confident, *mega confident*, that it's going to be a super cool device. Confident enough that we're going to run out and buy one the very day they are available, whenever that day may be. A Windows Mobile 6 Pro device with 320x320 resolution, WiFi, (probably) GPS... *and* you can use the sucker one-handed easily. That mops the floor with Treo 700wx and even makes the Mogul a little nervous.

    And we don't even use Sprint! So - we're going to **give the Treo 800w away**. Yes, folks, we're running a contest to give away a rumored device that hasn't been released yet. It's future-iffically rumortastic!

    Giving away what might potentially be a non-existent device will, naturally, require a few rules and, er, procedures - get those after the break. The short version is this: In the comments of this post, make a guess about the release date of the Treo 800w. We'll do a random drawing amongst the people who get it right. The winner will receive:

    - **A Treo 800w** after it is officially released. If they end up calling it something else, well, let's just say we're giving away the next Windows Mobile device Palm releases for the Sprint Network. Got it?
    - **A 6 gig microSD Card**. Yeah, the WMExperts Store has **6** gig cards now.
    - **Any 2 software titles** from HobbesIsReal's excellent “*Must-Have Windows Mobile Software*” article. Sure, Palm will include some “secret recipe” stuff on the 800w, but you can always make Windows Mobile a little better. We believe in the software in Hobbes' article, you should too.

    Full rules and info after the break. We're taking off early for the Holidays, everybody, so consider this contest a gift from WMExperts - one of those “we promise we'll make it up to someday” kinda gifts, but a gift nonetheless. See you Wednesday!


    How to Enter

    Register and post a reply to this post with a guess at the exact date (just the date, not the time) the Treo 800w will be released. You may guess as many times as you like, but only your most recent guess in this thread will count as your entry.

    That's it!

    More Rules

    One entry per person (i.e. your most recent guess)

    Contest will end at midnight the day before an official date is announced by either Palm or Sprint. Which basically means you'll want to settle on a date early, because when we find out officially, well, we'll have to disqualify any posts made that day.

    Not open to employees or contractors of Smartphone Experts (sorry to our writers and mods!), Palm, or Sprint (no cheaters!)

    Open to US residents only (hey, it's Sprint)

    We'll pick the winner randomly from all the posts that get it right or, if none do, from the posts that get closest (assuming there's more than one). “Closest” can be before or after, this isn't The Price Is Right, people.

    Hop to it, People!

    March 28, 2008
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    I am going to say march 14th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eng50 View Post
    2/29/07 in honor of my 10 year old wife!
    Ugh...where's Chris Hansen when you really need him?
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    February 29th
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