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    Picked up a new 750 and upgraded to WM 6, wanted the G-3. WM is just too much minutiae for me. I'm in the car and using PDA/phone functionality on the fly, and have to say I still prefer the simplicity of the Palm OS. I'm sure if I forced my self to use WM for a few months I'd get used to the different key strokes and it wouldn’t be that bad, but for now I 'm back with Palm. I guess I'll just have to wait for a 755P GSM, or switch to Sprint.
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    I made the same switch last week, and I have to say I thought I would feel the same as you. But, the minutiae is what is appealing to the geek in me. The flexibility is awesome, and after a few registry hacks, I love it!

    This device really appeals to the tinkerer in me. I thought I wanted an iPhone, and I love that browser, but the 750 will make me happier for longer I think. I love personalizing my computers, and now this phone is perfect.

    Over the last year witht he 680, I found myself constantly trying out bits of software that, ultimately, were only mimicking functions that are in Windows Mobile (such as the today screen).

    I have only had this phone for a week, but I know I am happy already.
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    That's what Im talking about! I have had Pal OS devices since their inceptions to include the Treo 650, but when I made the switch to WM (Treo 750), there is no going back. I just love te multi-tasking capabilities of WM & the ability to remain stable (in contrast Palm OS devices may crash 2-3 times per week).
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    I tried WM several times before, once with a HTC Blue Angel/Siemens SX66. What a dog. Loved the OS, and the sliding KB was cool, but the BT worked maybe 5 feet max! Wi-Fi was a joke, on 802.11B instad of G. Went to a Razor for awhile, then to a 650. I was in love. Tried a TyTn when it came out - that lasted about 2 weeks; that kb sucked! GOD, how I hated that phone, so I ended up with a 680.

    Tried a Tilt over Thanksgiving weekend; kept it about 2 weeks. I was determined to stay with that platform, as the 680 was getting slow and no 3G. Finally, I was over that piece of junk and got the 750.

    I'm in love again! There were some issues with WM6, but I upgraded to WM5 and I am happy as a clam now!

    Just my 2c worth!
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    The Treo 750 is the first WM smartphone that I've stuck with. (In fact, I just sold my Treo 680 yesterday.)

    I have nearly one-handed use of my 750 (something that I couldn't say about any other WM device.) The 750's data speed is excellent (compared to the 680). Bluetooth finally works right on the 750. And with the 750, I can use that very cool, free non-GPS mapping service, Navizon,

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