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    Sprite Archie Beta 3…Available Now…
    Sprite Software is releasing the Beta 3 Version of Sprite Archie. Sprite Archie is an archiving utility that allows users to archive the SMS and Phone events of Windows Mobile5 and Windows Mobile 6 Devices. Sprite Archie monitors the traffic of your SMS messages and call history of Windows Mobile Devices. While monitoring your phone traffic Sprite Archie creates reports and send them to an specified e-mail account for archiving purposes.
    This Beta 3 version fixes a number of issues found in our Beta 2 and also adds the following:
    • New graphical version of the status screen. On a touch screen device tapping the status icons changes the Archive destination (currently Email or None).
    • Remove the concept of archiving to Digest. Now when you choose archive to Email you have a choice of when to archive (Immediate or Daily).
    • Schedule time can now be set per Event Type (SMS Sent, SMS Received and Call Log)
    • Call Log events are now sent in the initial digest on installation (Beta 2 only sent SMS Received and SMS Sent).
    Get it Now…
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year,
    The Sprite Team
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    Is it just a monitoring/reporting program or does it come with sms software that I have to use? I'm asking cause I prefer the treo's built in sms software yet your reporting feature looks useful, especially if I have customers confirming my questions via sms.

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