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    1. There's a lot of programs out there that don't know we have a nice QUERTY keyboard and they automatically pop up the software keyboard blocking our tiny screens. Is there some way to keep this from happening? It's a pain to close the software keyboard, enter data, scroll to the next field, close the keyboard....repeat.

    2. Also, I do like using the software keyboard for entering some stuff in spread sheets (time 05:33), but I like the "letter recognizer" mode instead. It seems to take a long time for the treo to switch from "keyboard" mode. Can I make "letter recognizer the default?


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    1. Do a search for nullkb as a replacement SIP and you will be set.

    2. Yes. If it doesn't stick, look for a freeware app called SIP Changer and it will force the change to stay with whatever SIP you pick.
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    the combination of both works perfectly. the pop ups were especially annoying with weather pannel!


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