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    I have a text draft that is too no sender and has no text in it. it is frozen on my draft folder and I can't get it out. rebooted phone, close text messaging program, the works. still stuck there. i can't open it either. it shows that it might be opening, but it doesn't..........any ideas of how to get rid of it???
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    I had the same issue. I would get a call or another text while typing one out and it would automatically be dumped into the drafts folder. Dont know if it saved it wrong or what but....I, by suggestion, downloaded the trial version of Flexmail, installed it and was able to delete any and all 'stuck' drafts from there. It is annoying but that fixed it.

    Another good tip, run the threaded SMS install, much better interface.

    Hope I helped.
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    where do i get this sms thread thing? i have installed all of the updates that are there
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    Its the first post in this forum. Its kind of in deapth, so try to follow the instructions to a 'T'.
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