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    First of all, THANKS to everyone here for all their help and thanks for the multitude of links that have helped me greatly.

    I guess I am a lurker, 'cause I haven't posted much, but I search here often.

    You guys have added new life to my 700wx. I came from POS and I had to move to a WM device for a certain piece of enterprise software, and I love my 700wx and the power of WM. I recently moved to a Mogul, but after tons of tweaks and hacks (trying to make it work as easy as a Palm device), I have listed it on eBay. The Mogul is a great device, but its almost like a Science Fair project with all the buttons all over the thing. I spend HOURS a day on the road, and I need EASY one handed, one button operation. (Please Sprint, allow WiFi on the next Treo)

    I have searched here a ton and followed links and downloaded and installed tons of CAB's, and everything so far has side effects that I cant live with, or don't improve on Palm's tweaks at all.

    I am a contractor, and all I need is a clickable (D-Pad) way to turn Bluetooth (or Wireless Manager) on and off (from the Today Screen). I dont want to leave my BT radio on all day (Seidio battery will die by 2:00 PM). I would love to add it to my Rescoe Today Plugin, but I am too stupid to figure out how.

    I tried so many things, and most are not clickable, or do things to the Palm WM tweaks that I don't want to lose.

    Sorry if this is old news, but I am at a loss.

    Thanks again for all you have done, and thanks in advance for the (hopefully forthcoming) responses.
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    Create a shortcut to /windows/wrlsmgr into your /windows/startmenu/programs folder and the you can assign it to one of the keys through the button settings in the start menu I have my side button set to activate wireless manager because I need to swith bluetooth on and off a lot as well

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