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    I have a 700 wx. I use PdaNet with my Laptop for Internet access when WiFi is not available.

    The USB cable provides charging as well as data access for the laptop.

    The Treo battery icon shows that the Treo is charging when connected via the USB cable.

    However, if I use PdaNet, the battery does not charge but actually LOSES charge.

    If I connect with the USB cable, no PdaNet ..... charging works fine.

    Does Internet access via PdaNet drain the battery?
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    What I believe is happening is you are more power then your USB port is putting out. All USB ports support the 5 volt requirement in the USB specification, amperage varies from one system to the next. 500 milliamps (ma) appears to be the standard. Some systens put out more some less. I have noticed on my notebook If I ise the USB ports on the side my phone will discharge. If I use the ports on the back it will charge slowly.
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    I use pda net all of the time with my 700wx because I don't have high speed internetat my house so this is my primary internet source. I connect my 700wx to my laptop all of the time and don't seem to have the problem that you are having. I do notice that the phone doesn't charge as quickly because you are using a lot of batter power whill using the phone as modem however it still does seem to charge just not the same as when it's off and charging. I hope this is a bit of help to you.

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