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    I am testing a new mobile to mobile site that lets you send files from your Treo or pc to any cell phone on the following carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, Metro Pcs and Virgin.

    All you have to do is click on the link below, input your friendís 10 digit cell number and carrier info, select a file on your phone to send, and send it. In a few seconds they will get a sms from you with a link to the file. They just click on the link and if they agree to download the file, it will load on their phone

    Let me know what you think. I know PC to phone works for almost all phones but I am still trying to work out the bugs on the mobile to mobile and need to know what phones work and dont work.

    If you interested in checking out the service click on the link below.

    The transfer service is free, but standard carrier data rates will apply. . If you are sending large video files or MP3s, make sure you have an unlimited data plan. Ringtones and wallpaper are small files so if you have a 4 meg data plan you should be ok. If you donít have a data plan most carriers charge $0.01 per KB - so a 250KB ringtone will cost you 25 cents to send and receive.
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    tried it with a small document, I got the text but no attachment. I am on sprint
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    There should be a URL link in the text message. Click on that link to download the file.
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    No go. I get the following error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/wapxchan/public_html/file_upload1.php on line 166
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    oops. try again. I was actually making a slight modification when you sent that file and my code had a typo. it works now.
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    OK it functionally works now but with the download portion pocket IE doesn't know how to handle the data.
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    No Verizon?
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    Unfortunately, Verizon does not support URL links in text messages. This is a critical requirement for the process to work.
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    Regarding the IE question --- a screen should pop up that gives you the option to "save" or "save as". If you select save as you can choose the folder and the location (if you have an additional memory card) to save the file on your phone. If you just select save it will save it in "My Documents" if you are running wm5, I believe.
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    what do I use for ATT? Also when I hit "submit query" it downloads a php file to my desktop, WTF?
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    No save or save as option comes up.

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