Few games pique my interest on mobile devices. Call me old school but if I’m going to game, I need a dedicated system designed for gaming such as the Sony PSP. Part of that has to do with the awkward controls in action games, the tiny screen, poor resolution and that odd side effect of absolutely killing the battery of what should be an important tool!

Everyone once in awhile though a game will come around that makes my day. In this case, SPB Brain Evolution is that game. It probably harkens back to my role in life as a geek, but Brain Evolution just isn’t a game but exercise for yer brain, that aging gooey mush behind your eyes. In fact, there is no shortage of articles about all these new brain games and how modern research has shown that their regular use can help improve memory, possibly even detering the onset of dementia. Sa-weet!

SPB Brain Evolution is available for the Smartphone or PocketPC version (including square screens) of Windows Mobile and having used both, I consider them quite equal in functionality. Both are $19.95.

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