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    Hello all,

    I'm currently using a Palm 750v which used to be locked on a Vodafone network...Now it's not...I went on the Palm site and it told me to do the Vodafone update which i did but after doing it I couldnt receive any calls anymore because the phone was using EDGE something my service provider doesnt do...I sent the phone to Palm and they reinstalled WM5 for me...I was given a mini SDHC card and it only works with WM6 so i called Palm asking them what I could do and they told me to download the normal generic update but when i tried to install it the program said "unsupported device" so i cant do anything...
    Do you have any ideas as to how i could get around all of this and be able to use my SDHC card?

    Thank you in advance
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    no one has an idea? what about just installing WM5 but the generic version instead of my vodafone version is that possible
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    There are a couple of files available to download from the Vodafone/Palm site, and you need to download the proper one depending where you got your phone. Do not remember the file names, however, the only one that worked for me was the one indicating the phone came from Ireland.
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    the thing is im not using it on a Vodafone network and when i did the french vodafone update my phone wouldnt receive any calls anymore
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    I am using mine on the AT&T network in the US, and downloaded the WM6 from here Been using it since it's release without any issues.
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    any ideas???
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    Can you change the ban selection to auto, so it doesn't use EDGE anymore?

    If not, just try any ROM on here that has the SD card option. Search for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Styve View Post
    any ideas???
    I'm new here so please forgive me if this is something you've already tried...

    To upgrade to almost any ROM you use the "Bootloader" method. Put simply:
    1. Extract the CHEEIMG.nbh file from the ROM download
    2. Copy the file onto your miniSD card
    3. Put the Treo into Bootloader mode
    4. The upgrade starts automatically.

    Full instructions here:

    List of ROMs here:
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    i dont have an SD card handy though unfortunately
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    my CheeIMG is .md5 not nbh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Styve View Post
    my CheeIMG is .md5 not nbh
    There are four files with similar names. Here is what I see:
    CHEEIMG.md5 (1KB)
    CHEEIMG.nbh (258KB)
    CHEEIMG_FW.md5 (1KB)
    CHEEIMG_FW.nbh (83,036KB)

    It is the last one you want, and after copying it over to your miniSD card, rename it to CHEEIMG.nbh (i.e. remove the _FW).

    You must have a miniSD card to run the bootloader update.
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    ok thanks...ive ordered a miniSD card and then i'll install the generic version and we'll see whats happens then
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    it worked thx

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