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    Is there a place in the registry of the phone, or somewhere that stores the phone number other than the contacts list? No matter what I do, I can't get this particular mobile number (and picture, although the assigned ringtone works) to be associated with the name of the contact 'Mandy Miller', it always comes up as 'Mandy (m)' with the standard cellphone graphic.. Other phone numbers for Mandy work well, the home phone displays her picture and the right name...

    If I change the actual phone number to something wrong, just to test, it works, but when I change the number back, it goes back to displaying wrong. It's like the phone number is associated with some ghost contact that I can't see...
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    One question - do you have Mandy as a speed dial? (I bet you do).

    Edit that Speed Dial entrry and change the info you have there to 'Mandy Miller'.

    Let us know if that does it.

    (and if you don't THINK you have her as a speed dial, check your Today settings to see if you have speed dials hidden from your Today screen - that might reveal her,to you).
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    Wow, that was totally it, thanks so much! I used speed dial on the first day, then i realized you can just type the person's name, what could be faster. I totally forgot about the speed dial feature...
    Happy Holidays!

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