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    Hello everyone. i have a treo 750 from att. as i am sure you all know it runs off of windows. I know of the program called style tap, which allows me to use palm programs on my windows phone, however i am wondering if it is at all possible for me to get rid of windows mobile completely and just install palm on the phone by itself. thank you
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    Why don't you trade in your car for a yugo while you are at it.
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    Technically its possible, but no one has figured out how to do it.

    It would probably need a hacked boot loader then a version of PalmOS with the drivers appropriate for the 750's hardware. Considering the time and effort it would take to do this, it won't happen. Your best bet is to sell your 750 and buy a 680.
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    why not get a Palm OS Treo through AT&T?
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    I have style tap on my 750 also (at&t). But it is because I had some programs left over from my treo 650 that I needed (professionally) and it works under style tap. Unfortunately, not all my programs do, so I have had to go for the windows flavor...native programs are faster!
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