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    can i listen to my music on my blue tooth headset? i have the 700wx thanks
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    Depends on what type of BT headset you have.

    If you have a stereo BT headset, then maybe (I bet you don't).

    What type of headset is it - what brand, model, etc.....need to know that...
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    I use a stereo BT headset all the time. Works pretty well. I stream internet radio for hours at time to the headphones.

    If it's a sprint 700wx I suggest installing Hannips A2DP mod. Helps make for more stable BT connections.
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    if you have the latest firmware patch you don't need Hannip's patch. I use the Jabra 8040. It supports A2DP and only cost $59.00 on sale.
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    I think you guys are missing the point of the original poster - (I think) he wants to know if he can listen to music using his regular ol' standard BT headset.

    But until he checks back in to answer the question of what type he's using, it's all conjecture.....

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