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    I had the pleasure of speaking with a tier 3 tech this evening about the issues involving accessing Bank of America and Wells Fargo from WM6 upgraded phones. The have duplicated the issue at Palm, and are "...working on the problem."

    At least I know I am not crazy!
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    The thicken plots now!

    I spoke with a rep at Palm last week. they said that they could not even access the banking sites from a TILT. Well, I had one before the 750, and I had NO PROBLEM accessing the bank sites with that device. I am beginning to wonder if AT&T isn't operating differently in different markets? I can see that happening with their constant addition of smaller systems that they buy up, so we may be onto something.

    I will keep you posted!
    Tom McElvy
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    The problem is entirely on the bank's side. The web site is making assumptions about browsers and may be deciding that the Pocket IE is not a supported browser. I have seen issues in the past with banking sites being very narrow about which browsers to accept.

    What exactly is the problem you have? What error message do you get?

    I note that Wells Fargo has a "Wells Fargo Mobile" subsite meant for access from phone browsers - have you tried that?
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    i talked with a guy from WF online cust svc, he said they issued some fixes to their site to make it comply with WM6. i tested it and it is fine for me.
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    FWIW, I can access the mobile site for Wells Fargo,, sign-in, view account info, and make transfers. When I try to log in via the site, I get an unsupported browser error.

    Treo 750, WM6 (AT&T).


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