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    While finding my current location via a external GPS today.. i had to move my truck.. and WOW.. there it is.. My current Position remaines centered and Google Maps moves ... Awsome!!!!! so i programed directions to where I was going and followed the line...Google Maps keeping right up...So if you have an external GPS, check it out!!

    1 select Use GPS

    2. select My Location

    this will keep your position centered and walla!! enjoy the drive.. Google Maps showing you right where you are... you stop.. it stops... you keep driving.. it tells you right where you are on the road.. the faster you go.. the faster it moves with you!!

    Enjoy All!!

    any questions you can email me about how to set it up
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    With an EXTERNAL GPS, has this not always been the case? (It was with Live Mobile).
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    this is not news - using an EXTERNAL gps unit has worked for months. Maybe a year. Or maybe it's news to the original poster, so let's not rain on his parade.
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    This is a very cool feature but it isn't quite new, but like JohnnyMac said, lets not rain on his parade.
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    Love google maps. Very cool app. By the way, just as an FYI, it's "voila," not "walla."

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