I had just changed a couple of small things on my phone, namely making the touchscreen lock during a call and removing the lookup field and replacing it with an internet search bar. I also installed Nerizon to try to get GPS stuff working as said in another thread. Then after making a call, I noticed the screen was still locked and the phone was unresponsive (I'm pretty thorough about pressing different keys, etc. to make sure that was true). I was forced to do a soft reset and as soon as it came back up, several things were noticeably different. I had upgraded to WM6 a while back, and the interface had changed from AT&T to Indigo. The ringtones changed, my personal data that I had used for the 'user info' was erased, and it won't connect to the computer anymore.

Last night, I couldn't complete a sync because the storage space filled up, and it took a lot of work to finally clean out a lot of text messages, emails, and internet history. I'm guessing that the incomplete sync had something to do with the reason why the personal settings are screwed, but I can't connect to fix it. I can access the files on the phone using the cable, but I'm weary of reinstalling Activesync because I'm afraid of losing the very info I want to put back on my phone.

Another issue I've had was that I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and the police couldnt find my phone at 4am in the rain after the accident, but when I finally got out of the hospital, we looked again at the scene and found it 2 days later. It functions fine, but the P, R, and U keys don't respond sometimes. I think there's dirt or something trapped beneath the key but I don't know how to get to it. What's the best way to clean that up?

ALSO, when I did try and use the GPS thing for nerizon/googlemaps,, it says I live like 15 miles south of where I actually do. Is it just showing me the tower location?

On another note, if I have to hard reset my phone, how do I back up texts, contacts (windows live, and outlook #s), and settings? If I do so, would I be able to connect to my computer and have it sync back information?