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    I've read a few comments saying the 500v is actually manufactured by Asus. The Asus M530w does look very similar. The biggest shock is that the Asus M530w has WiFi and a forward facing camera for 3G video calls!
    Operating System Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Standard
    Processor Marvell PXA270 (416 MHz)
    Network UMTS 2100 (3GPP Band I), GSM 900/1800/1900; GPRS Class 10
    Memory Built-in 256 MB Flash + 64 MB SDRAM
    Memory Card MicroSD
    Wireless Technologies Bluetooth V2.0 , Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
    Display 2.4" TFT, 65K colors, 320 x 240 resolution
    Dimensions 117 x 65 x 13.8 mm, 135g
    Camera Yes
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    Asus is not up to scratch on keyboard design. Try typing on that Asus keyboard in varying light conditions. Then tell me that Asus knows what its doing in the smartphone space. Their hardware design is nice visually and the build quality seems solid. I think they fall down on practical usability issues.
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    I tell ya stig, I actually think you might be right - Palm gets together with asus and says "look, fix this, this, and this using our know-how, but use the internals you've already set up"

    ...then again, the m530w has a 2mp camera...
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    I dunno. I think they are different devices.

    Look at two of the battery shots and even the internal layout for the battery, sim and microSD are different...can these device vary that much and still be the same? Height, width and thickness are all different with the Palm (Asus) 500v being a significantly smaller device, though thicker.

    Asus M530w

    117 x 65 x 13.8 mm, 135g

    Palm 500v
    110 x 61.5 x 16.5 mm, 120g

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    I hadn't seen the internal layout of the Asus, and I agree it is completely different.

    As we all keep hearing that 'the 500v is made by Asus' I just wanted to see if there was hard evidence to prove it!
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    Hey Stig, there is no doubt Asus makes the 500v. The hard evidence was in the FCC docs listed in the Future Treos thread where the 500v was filed under Asus and Palm mentions them as the ODM in emails to the FCC.

    But we just don't know the details on what device and/or how much Palm had an effect on the external design. I think the M530w was a good shot, but who knows what Asus has for device designs for ODM--they may have a deal with Palm not to release it as an Asus branded version as well.
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    looks like there are some similarities. Never noticed before.
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