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    Hello all,
    I've actually posted quite a bit lately now that I've upgraded to WM6.
    I hope it's not a forbearer of things to come.

    I am now looking for a notification that Active Sync needs attention.
    My 750 will be going along and after a while I get the feeling I should have gotten some sort of email. I go into Active Sync and see it "Needs Attention"
    I simply begin to Sync it and all goes well.
    Problem is I never know when it loses it's connection.
    I am not sure if it's our Exchange Server at corporate or my device that's the problem.
    I figure if there was an alert to notify me that I have Lost connection that would be a quick fix.
    Anyone know of one?
    (Also I never have done a reg hack and would like to learn how)

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    Ok, I'll try to help you out. This could be simple or rather complex, but first, I need to know some information:

    1. In ActiveSync, please Hit Menu, Status, when you have the "Needs Attention" message, or otherwise Tap to view the Support Code. The Support Code may offer a clue but we need to know what it is. It will probably say something like 0x......

    2. During a "Needs Attention" condition, does ActiveSync ever show Waiting for Network?

    3. Do you notice this problem when returning from a weak signal or no signal area?

    4. In ActiveSync, hit Menu, Schedule and tell me what your Peak Time and Off Peak settings are set to. Then tap peak times at the bottom and tell me what days are Black with white letters and the Start and End Time. Please make sure to include all of the above.

    5. In ActiveSync, hit Menu, Configure Server. Is the box checked or unchecked for use SSL (don't change it, this just tells me if your IT people are using SSL encryption and a certificate)

    6. There are a number of Registry settings on the Exchange server for hearbeat intervals. Depending on your firewall, your IT people may think they have connection timeouts set correctly but this is not always the case on every firewall, especially a Cisco Pix firewall at 6.x versions of code. All of these technical factors can effect the ActiveSync connection on your Treo however lets see if the above can give us a real clue to follow.

    7. There are a few Proxy settings and WAP settings that we can change on the device and I am assuming you have an unlimited Data plan so KB usage won't ever be an issue.

    A Reg Hack can be done by installing a free Registry Editor on your Treo, or using a remote control program that gives access to the device registry. Changing registry settings should not be taken lightly however many adjustments offer great improvments, like changing the duration the Qwerty Backlight stays lit, it's brightness, and the duration for the End Call button to set Flight Mode on and Off. Search for Registry Editor Pocket PC and you'll find many choices. I use TRE by Tascalsoft but there are many others.

    Let us know...
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    Thanks Snoboarder,
    I will collect the info and get back to you.

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