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    Now that most of us have updated our Treo 750's to WM6, I just wanted to know which are your favorite "Must Have" applications that you installed on you devices?

    I'll start with:

    SPB Soft: Phone Suite ver 1.2
    Sprite Backup 6.0
    Jetware Mobile 1.3X
    Resco Explorer
    Tom Tom Nav 6
    Zagat Guide
    Stop Time
    Sling Player Mobile
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    I am a big fan of eWallet by Ilium Software, and Microsoft Live Search -- the GPS part of the navigation works really cool for a free GPS system.
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    Esmertec Jbed
    Conduits Pocket Player
    Developer One Agenda One
    Dinarsoft HandySwitcher
    Dinarsoft MemMaid
    Google Maps
    Ilium Software Newsbreak
    Landware Pocket Quicken
    Lou Terrailloune Magic SS (for screen shots)
    Microsoft Live Search
    MobiMate WorldMate Pro
    Mort's Mortscript
    Opera Mini
    Opera Mobile
    PHM Tweaks 2k2.Net
    PHM Pocket PC Power Toys
    Pocket Max Alarm Today
    Reensoft PIEPlus
    Resco Explorer
    SBSH Phone Weaver
    SBSH Contact Breeze
    SBSH Pocket Weather
    SlingPlayer Mobile
    Spb Insight
    Spb Pocket Plus
    Sprite Backup
    Visual IT Tube 2
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    I use eWallet and Resco Explorer all the time, just added to my list!!
    AT&T Treo 750 (Unlocked) WM6

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    Agenda One
    Google Maps
    Opera Mobile
    PQzII aka. CtrlAltPro
    RescoExplorer w/ Registry plug-in
    Spb Pocket Plus

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