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    Some of my most cherished hacks I had applied to WM5 from this thread work flawlessly in WM6, I am pleased to report. The ones I like and installed are:

    2. Add the seventh hardware button (side button click). (Post #2)
    A no-brainer... who doesn't want another programmable button? This funtionality is already supported by the OS -- just a registry change to enable it. I use the side button click to toggle the display (saves power when listening to music, for example), and side-hold for Voice Command.

    3. Changing the voluming slide to Jog wheel (Post #3)
    Essential. Not obvious is what this is really about is disabling the up/down keys on the side as volume control, and using them for something else. Why? Well, I don't know about you, but I end up f'ing up the ringer volume all the time when the phone is ringing and I take it out of my pocket. Often gets turned all the way down, then I miss calls. This has maddened me since I got the phone.

    With this hack combined with #7 and #11, volume is set via icon in the taskbar (and a little more functional control too, which is nice). I think this is the stock Windows Mobile volume control.

    7. Remove the battery icon and restore the speaker icon in taskbar. (Post #16)
    See above. Better volume control than the Palm substitute. Also, already have a battery icon from Spb Pocket Plus that I like better anyway, so don't need it from Palm.

    11. Add CTRL key Pro to treo 750 (Post #110)
    This is an awesome app. Must-have. Adds a functional control key, enabling things like Ctrl X, C, V for cut/copy/paste, as well as turning the entire keyboard into hotkeys that can be assigned to quicklaunch programs and other system functions.

    Also allows key remapping, which when combined with the prior listed tweaks to disable the side rocker button(s) as volume control, enables the configuration of this rocker as a Page UP/DOWN control -- fantasic in PIE and other applications where scrolling is needed.

    I got so used to this mod that it's habit, and I really missed it when I first upgraded to WM6. I love the touchscreen panning ("Smart Scrolling") feature in Spb Pocket Plus 4.0, but even this slick feature is not practical for one-hand, stylus-free operation. PGUP/PGDN on the side rocker is a perfect addition.
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    Is there a way to make the side button pull up the phone dialer application?
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    Nevermind. I figured it out with this thread.

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