Ok, It's been about a week since I upgraded.
I am running a pretty lean unit with only Linkesoft's Secret as the one 3rd party app.
I recently had the phone go goofy.
Suddenly contacts were acting weird. They were all there but when I began to type in the first few letters as I always did the search came up empty.
At the same time it did not display any of the recent calls I made.
The green talk button only displayed 2 options one being Dial pad. Since I was driving at the time I don't remember the other.
I soft reset the phone for the first time and all came back.
Then I went to Active-sync with my desktop. Suddenly there was no Active-sync program on my device. It wanted me to load it from the original cd.
It's a good thing I purchased Sprite just the other day.
I performed a hard reset and restored. It caused me to delete any connections
This caused me to re-established a partnership with the PC and totally re-sync again.
Major pain and inconvenience!
I also have noticed that my Bluetooth headset, a Samsung Wep200 now consistently needs to be repaired.
Happened before the hard reset and continues after!!!