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    My 750 tells me it needs more storage space and I can't find anything on getting help chasing this rabbitt. Any ideas, it says to delete unwanted files but I haven't ever put much on this phone at all.
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    If you are checking email on your device, go to your delete/trash folder and empty it. Depending on the amount of email (and size of attachments) this can eat up storage quick. Also, open up the internet and clear out your cookies and cache. These are the two most comon things to do. Hope it helps.
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    One thing to check: Do you have a lot of email stored? Or email with some large attachements?

    This bit me a while back, and it took forever to figure it out. When you hit this problem, it seems like it keeps coming back again and again even though you delete some things from the device (not knowing it's the email that's the problem), and email just gobbles this new space up in short order.

    Moral of the story: Don't store email on the device in the email app.

    Also, check your deleted email as well, and permanently remove it.
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    Also delete your cache in PIE.
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    Did you add any 3rd party software? If so, what? Some software has a bigger impact on memory than others.

    Do you store pictures or documents in main storage memory?
    You can set many of these to get saved on a storage card, by default.
    You can also set email attachments to get saved on a storage card.


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