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    Hi folks - I am new to TreoCentral (just signed up today), so pls bear with me

    I had upgraded my Treo 750 to WM 6 RWE (ROM version 2.25 RWE) a few weeks back, but got frustrated at the lack of availability of Blackberry Connect for the device

    It appears pretty darn stupid to me that Palm/ HTC/ Win Mo would put together a supposed "business/ Blackberry killer device" and not work with RIM on putting together a BBC package for WM 6 on it....

    Anyways, to get to the point - I downgraded to the WM 5 Vodafone UK (1.16 VFE ROM I think) and as I used the SD card update method to load WM 5, my 750 still thinks its at 2.25.

    Unfortunately, owing to this 2.25 ROM version, BBC 2.1 and/ or BBC 4.0 (both of which supposedly work with ROM version 1.16) do not work

    Would appreciate it if anyone could please guide me towards changing the ROM version from 2.25 to the 1.16 it actually is

    Alternately, if anyone has a desktop updater for WM5 I'd love to have it (but pls also provide instructions on how to update as "updater" wont update when my ROM version says 2.25 anyways - and I am trying to "update" to 1.16)

    Thanks very much in advance folks - much much appreciated!

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    If I'm not mistaken, ROM version 1.16 is still WM6 and BBC does not work for WM6 ( I think you need to re-flash to a version below 1.15 (I had 1.15 installed as the WM6 upgrade at the shop I bought my 750v at which is why I bring this up). You should be able to use BBC after that. Sorry, I don't know where to get these down grades...still new to the 750v myself.

    And yes, it is extremely STUPID of Palm to not have a BBC fix for this upgrade. You'd think it would have been OBVIOUS to them.
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    hey thanks mobile wanderer - appreciate the insight - will reflash to below 1.15 this weekend and see how that goes
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    Last time I checked BBC only came bundled with a few select devices, and it wasnt available as a stand alone generic installer. Where can one find the installer for general WM5 devices? I dont need it but a have a few WM5 device friends that would love to connect to their works BB service (only option for them) I'm perfectly happy on active sync server and WM6 but I thought I'd ask. Also, do they have an ETA for the WM6 BBC?
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    You can get it from Palm at this URL

    I don't know where you would find a generic one.

    I asked palm once and their reply was "nothing at the moment" but "to check their site for updates".

    I still debating whether to cancel my BB service cause it's costing me for not using it. Trouble is I always get this nasty bit of luck where I do something and just after I say cancel my service, Palm comes out with BBC that will work for WM6. Setting up new service takes forever out here.
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