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    After updating to WM6 the 750's battery life improved amazingly! Full charge lasting 2-3 days easily.

    It's been, what? two weeks now since I've updated to WM6. This weekend, I've notice the battery life dwindle a bit. Almost to where it was with WM5.

    Has anyone else noticed strange things with the battery since moving to WM6?
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    I'm glad to hear that someone is experiencing better battery life. Mine has been much worse. I'm now getting about one day per charge, whereas I was getting 2-3 days before.
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    7 hours instead of 5. outlook email and texts during day. (?less antenna time due to faster data xfer?)

    btw if I soft reset I get a few more mb program memory (empty program list) - is this memory leak?
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    Mine has also gotten worse. ~2-2.5 days down to 1 day
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    Mine has gotten better. I used to get 2.5-3 days, now it's more like four.

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