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    I upgraded today to WM6. I like it so far. When I make a call, the call connects as it normally would but then it activates the battery status bubble from the task bar at the top. Has any one else seen this? It does it every time I make a call. It does not do it when a call comes in.

    Also, this is happening before I ever put the phone up to my ear to so it is not an issue of touching the screen as I'm listening for the call to connect.
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    It's 3 threads down from this one.

    I don't like to tell people to search but thats crazy.

    (and even if the question isn't answered yet, you should post there anyway and reiterate your issue. 2 threads for the same thing are unnecessary)
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    Patty, was that supposed to be helpful? Please read the question. YOU should do that before offering help. I clearly stated I did not put the phone to my ear and the screen had not touched my face. The only button I hit is the send button to dial the call. My issue is different from the thread you listed. I've disabled the touchscreen, as the thread suggested, and this issue still occurs, so I DID search as you clearly suggested. This is a different issue, hence the new post.

    I have had a Treo 750 for six months and it has NEVER done this when I made a call. It only started doing it when I upgraded to WM6. My issue is different so don't tell me I didn't search. I read this forum every day, many times since the WM6 update came out.

    It appears you only wanted to go through your 'search first and double post' rant instead of offering any resolution. I guess it isn't hard to run up 2000+ posts when all you do is offer 'help' like this! Some of us are new posters but are experienced Treo users so please don't confuse a low numbers of posts with being a 'newbie'. I submitted this post because I was unable to resolve the issue myself and felt getting information for more experienced users might help.

    Anyone's help on this would be appreciated. It is still unresolved.
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    My "rant" took two seconds, yours 10 minutes, so who's ranting?????

    And no one is helping because starting another thread w/the same issue is selfish, would you REALLY like me to post in the other thread and copy/paste it here after? Threads aren't personal, you have to look out for EVERYONE, especially the NEWBIES who do search. Finding ONE THREAD about ONE ISSUE with many different options saves them time, and if there was an active moderator on this forum these two threads would have been joined already.

    And it IS the same issue, with a different cause than the other persons. And since you say you did search, congratulations:

    Thats three different options right there. Some found phonealarm to be a problem, others the touchscreen, others spb. Having all of this info in one thread would be great no??

    PS= I didn't call you a newbie, and didn't bring up post counts. I have so many because I've had a lot of Treos. For all you know 1999 posts I made were when I had Palm OS, and I know nothing about Windows Mobile. Not true, but why assume? You could easily check my posts to see if they're all like this, it would take no time and all to prove yourself wrong before your useless "RANT" about me.
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    The problem with the battery status bubble on my 750 is with phoneAlarm 1.63. Disabled it on my today screen and the battery status bubble didn't come up when I made a call.

    My apologies for not searching this out Patty. Frustration over this crazy problem got the best of me. Your post provided the information I needed to fix the issue. I searched only for WM6 problems since I upgraded and then had the issue.
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    PhoneWeaver from SBSH does not seem to have this issue if you are looking for a pA substitute. However, it has a much more limited feature set, as well as other possible issues, such as no vibrating when the profile commands it to vibrate...only with the toggle switch will it vibrate.
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    SPB Phone Suite is another alternative, but I have no knowledge of the product.

    Glad I could help, and no apology necessary

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