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    I always keep bluetooth turned off. What is the most efficient method to activate. In WM5 it could be done in two touches. One on the ATT bluetooth area on the Today screen then tap on. Now with WM6 it takes 3 or more. So far these are the activation methods:

    A) 1:touch bluetooth symbol on Today screen; 2:touch Mode on bottom of bluetooth settings screen; 3:touch Turn on Bluetooth radio button

    B) 1:Touch START; 2:touch settings; 3:touch connection on bottom of setting screen; 4:touch wireless manager; 5:touch bluetooth on

    I am using Spb Pocket Plus and there does not seem to be any way to directly access the bluetooth activation setting directly.

    Any ideas???

    All the best
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    AE Button Plus (google it) You can turn bluetooth on and off with only one button press.

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    phonealarm also has skins that support one-touch BT power...
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    I do it with BatteryStatus on today screen (enabling BT tray icon ) with 2 touches. Also, this tray is very useful for switch data connections.

    BatteryStatus is free!!!
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    use pBar. free and 2 taps to toggle bluetooth.
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    How about this: In TreoAlert there is a function to turn it off and on. I just put a shortcut to the script file into a program folder, and then changed a button assignment (hold side key in my case) to point at the shortcut. Toggle on and off works a treat. One button, no stylus or screen taps!
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    When on the toady screen, you can just hit menu-wireless manager, and do it form there also. Pretty easy IMO.

    Speed is more important than "numer of taps" IMO. And doing it this way, I don't know any phone faster than that.

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