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    I'm having a MAJOR issue with my phone post WM6 upgrade.

    For some reason, I'm not getting notifications of text messages. This seems to be with the ringer turned on OR in vibrate mode. I checked my "notifications" and its set to vibrate when ringer is on and off and even with a sound... but it's not triggering it.

    Anyone having this issue/have any idea how to fix it?

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    I would try soft and hard resets, in that order. if you just upgraded you probably either haven't reinstalled all your 3rd party apps yet or you are now good at it.
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    Funny, I was just going to ask the same question. I just noticed it today in regards to text messages. I upgraded to the official update about 2 weeks ago and I swear it was working fine in the begining. My screen does light up... Display message on screen (I have that notification checked along with Vibrate when ringer switch off and Vibrate when ringer switch on). It only does this with text messages; the selections work just fine when I recieve a call (meaning the phone does vibrate as well as ring). I have already done a soft reset and that did not fix the issue, I really do not want to have to go through the hassel of doing a hard reset and loading all my software again. Hopefully someone will figure it out.
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    is this like the wm5 audio problem? do we install audio patch for wm6.
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    esamett, not sure about that. More than likely you can't apply that patch because it was WM5. I just tried different combinations of the notification selections for a new message and none worked. I was sending them from my computer to my phone, if you weren't aware; for text messages and for SMS messages.
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    Ok, something really weird is going on. So I usually have the volume for the device turned off (not the ringer but the other volume for the device). I decided to test out the beep notification and turned the volume all the way up. I sent a text to my phone from my computer and it beeped and vibrated (one long vibration). Then I went back into notifications and turned the beep off and then turned the volume for the device off and tested it again... no vibrate when the text came through. So I just turned the volume device up to the first notch and tested it, now it's vibrating with 3 burst, buzzz, buzzz, buzzz. My current settings are Display message on screen, Vibrate when ringer switch off, Vibrate when ringer switch on and the volume for the device itself is set to the first audio setting (softest, not loudest). I'll have to keep testing this throughout the day to see if it's still working but just thought I'd share what I found.
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    Well, it's been a couple of days and it is still working. Seems the device volume needs to be at least on the first setting (most quiet before being turned off). Now that I think about it, I think the problem first occured while I was on a phone call and got a text message. I selected to dismiss it and since then it seems like I had the issue of the phone vibrating when a text message came in. I also did a soft reset and removed the battery for a few minutes.
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    Yep I noticed my volume as the way down - when I moved it back up that seems to have fixed it...

    nice little bug.
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    I am noticing partial ring tones for incoming calls or messages when the phone is not apparently doing anything. it is intermitant. I do soft resets at least once a day. (phone gets screwey still) I don't use voice command. the only "ap" is yahoo email from outlook - new from wm5.

    the only "mod" are some star wars ringtones under 50kb in size in my ringtones folder (main memory.
    this is troublesome since I use phone/text as my pager. it would be nice If it worked.
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