I have the pleasure to announce the new verision of VsCaller 1.52 for Windows Mobile.

The simple way to call your friends!
Add, modify and create your contacts pictures in a few secondes.

What's new in version 1.52:

- New lauch apparition with zoom effect.
- Fix fonts problem.
- Fix dialogue text.
- Fix a major bug with the dialogue screen.
- Fix importation with outlook contact.
- Fix some other minor bugs.
- Manual user guide in PDF format.

Vscaller features:

- Beautiful animated contact dialer with skinable interface.
- Import outlook contact.
- Import and manipulate your own picture.
- Very fast loading with nice zoom effect.
- Fast and advanced interface.
- Trial version and user guide book available
- Manage your contacts : Add, edit or move your contact pictures.
- Possibility to install other skin
- Make your own picture contact: vscaller scan all the pictures files present on your device and your sd card. The advantage of Vscaller is that the software generate automatically a very small picture instead of the large Outlook picture !

A trial version is available to download here : Virtual Spaghetti - Download

A exclusive skinpack "Black Metal" is also available for FREE at the same url.

Vscaller is currently available for the price of 14.95$
more information : Virtual Spaghetti - Vscaller

Watch the youtube video presentation :

Hope you like this new software, If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Also any feedback would be greatly appreciated.