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    Free app Friday at Handango - Pocket Informant.

    I know a lot of people don't care for Handango, but since people were so bent out of shape over the Agendus thing, here you go. Second chance lottery.

    Enjoy, kids.
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    Thanks for the heads up this is a $35 app, that I just downloaded for free....always like free apps, good lookin out...because yes I typically don't use handango
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    Yeah, it's nice to not have to pony up the 35 bucks, eh?
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    I haven't had a chance to look at this too much yet, how does it look on a WX? Does anyone have a good synopsis that can fill me in a little?
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    I've been a long time PocketInformant user. It looks great and works even better on the W and WX.

    My only suggestion is, that I like the built-in contacts slightly better than PI's version. So I would set up PI not as the default PIM software then create/modify your own Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.

    I can't imagine using the built-in calendar and tasks. PI kicks ****!
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    I have to look myself. Haven't installed it yet. I remember being kind of unhappy with the way things looked visually on the Treo before, but I also never gave myself a chance to configure it well. I'll run through it and see about the best configs for our square screen.
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    Thanks guys, I think I will at least give it a shot.

    P.S. Hotrod...I agree with you on the default PIM thing, I use PocketCM, and love it, so I wouldn't want to switch over!!
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    I got the link to download, but can't sign in with the usname/password I created? Tried forgot password link using email (username) and it says the account doesn't exist....but it must because the sent the e-mail to me...and e-mail address is the user name. What gives?
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    So I have PI configured fairly well for the way I'd use it, and I have Agendus running also. I'm going back and forth between them. I like some things about PI, but now that I've gotten used to Agendus for a few days, I kind of like some things about it too... I don't know - PI looks nicer, and has better button functionality, but I like Agendus' simpler interface.

    What do you guys think? I feel like Agendus uses the limited screen real estate better, although not entirely. I think I need to play with both a little more.
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    I downloaded and installed this. It works very well with my today screen manager pocket breeze.
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    Dumb question but I can't remember or find the cupon code. any help ??
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    No coupon code to be found - there should be an automatic price reduction, bringing the final price to $0. At least that's what happened for me. Try it again.
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    redifrogger's right - you don't need a coupon code.

    I think I really like this app the more I play with it. Glad I always resisted the urge to spring for it before.
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    I registered for the program, and was given a message that a link would be sent to my email address. I think the message was captured by our spam filter, in which case I won't get it until tomorrow. Can someone forward me the link that is sent to your email address please. I'll go to the site and enter my username and password. Thanks,
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    i wonder why i didn't get an e-mail for this? I've gotten free friday apps before
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...

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