Here is the deal: I was running the leaked WM6 ROM for ATT, I tried to downgrade to WM5 again, but my device got bricked, it was always failing to finish the update.
so, i ran the recovery tool from PALM, and it came back up but...when I go into the settings, there is no software version listed, basically just some little squares characters. But I still tried to run the WM6 updater but it keeps saying "device unsupported". After reading many threads on this forum, I went ahead and changed the payloads.xml version from 1.13 to 2.25, and still no result.

Any other ideas? I have also tried the SD recovery or updater and nothing, the bootloader screen doesn't give me the option to start the upgrade and when I go back into the SD card, i see a PALM.o and .h file, meaning that the system tried to compile it.

Of course, the card was formated several times into FAT32. Bad card maybe??

So, what should I do?

thank you