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    I have been trying to install the official WM6 update to my treo 750. It fails to connect to my XP Pro 64 bit. It syncs fine, just won't run after the PayldMatchdll gets installed to the phone. It fails after 3/4 of the way done when connected to my Vista laptop. It seems to sync fine on the laptop as well. When I try to use the SD Updater, it fails when it gets to the OS, according to the screen on the phone. The card is a micro SD in mini SD adapter and formatted to fat32. This is the last screen I get on the SD Updater:

    CHEEIMG.nbh - FAIL

    SPLASH1 - OK
    GSM - OK
    MicroP - OK
    OS -

    Update Terminate

    Why isn't the os installing? what would make it hang? So far my phone hasn't been bricked, i can go back to WM5 with the recovery tool or the WM5 ROM I downloaded from here for insurance purposes. What are the IPL\SPL numbers I see in some people's sigs and to what advantage is SuperCID? I have read a great many of the forums and postings and I am trying to digest all the information I am receiving here. Thank you for any help.

    I bought the phone refurbished from AT&T late August or September.
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    Did you read the preparation instructions on the Palm website and follow them *carefully*? There are a few key small things that can hose up the updater... They are covered in the preparation instructions.


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