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    So, my phone disconnected from my PC 25% of the way thru the update.... now there is no OS at all and the phone wont function. Even after a hard reset... it immediately brings up a red/green/blue/white screen with this code:

    Palm Tr

    Palm Tr


    The PC doesnt recognize the device at all via USB... so i can readd an new OS at all. Am I screwed?

    please help!

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    SD card method, should work fine
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    or try the Upgrade Recovery Tool included with every version of the upgrade. it should be called something like T750URT in the download or upgrade files you unpacked. search for it and then using USB connection use the file to restore your treo. Need to be in 'bootloader' status for it to run. (Hold lower left button and hit reset) actually it seems your Treo is stuck in bootloader anyway so forget that instruction :-) this will fix it!
    Good luck! worked for me.
    PS. you have to have the latest version of WM device centre or sync running at the same time to get the connection, don't worry about device ID or anything it should run anyway as long as it is connected, screen will say USB at the bottom.

    My final solution is something that happened to me ,after installing a felt roof on a shed, the sand had got into the treo and the lower left button was stuck on, so that any reset caused a bootloader screen! if the button seems sticky try prising with a needle, if that helps u might need to open the casing and clean that area
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