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    Hello everyone. I am just wondering how i am able to sync my contacts to my computer. I have a treo 750, and windows mobile 6 on my device. I also have the activesync program for this device, and it did sync all my files, but it didnt sync my contacts. II treid to change it, but it wouldnt let me check the contacts slot to sync them... help!?!?!
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    Did you install MS Outlook?
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    no i dont why? does that do anything if i do?
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    the Palm Treo 750 windows mobile should be linked to MS-Outlook. It's your PIM handler...You cannot sync without it.

    I think there are other softwares out there can also support your PIM data...just try askin' around...
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    I had the same problem last week. I changed to another computer an I just could't sync my contacts. I finally deleted AS and cleaned the registry on my PC with a cleaner program, did a hard reset on the 750,re-booted the PC and re-installed AS and voilą! It's now syncing as it should.

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    how do i link my treo to ms outlook? so that it will sync my contacts?
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    where are your contacts stored though? If they arent in Outlook then the Treo wont get them anyway....

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