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    IS there a program that actually works on the 700wx that I can hear all the sounds on the 700wx on my bluetooth ear piece? It would be nice for listening to streaming music or even hearing the voice msgs my girl friend leaves me on the messenger program I use.
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    I sent you an email to the address posted in your profile. With a cab you can try. I have in installed but never got around to using it because I don't have a BT handsfree device. I do have Stereo BT headphones that I use Hannip's cab for and it works great. But I notice you are on verizon so yours cam native with Hannips mod.

    KE6RTY here, even though it's been years since I fired up a radio.
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    Thanks I havent tried it yet. Good to hear from you and the same here I havent been on a radio on a while.
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    You just need a BT headset that supports the A2DP stereo BT profile. Some examples (and I have all of these) are the Moto S9, the Plantronics Voyager 855, and the Lubix one.

    A generic BT won't do what you want out of the box, without some of those crazy hacks mentioned above. Just go grab a stereo BT unit and be done with it.

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