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    I have searched the forums and cannot find this issue anywhere. Whenever I do a soft reset, the volume on the phone side of the display starts out all the way off. I have checked my profile in phonealarm, and it does say volume should be 100% on all sounds. Top slider switch is set to ring and not on vibrate. Am I missing something obvious, or is this a phonealarm bug.
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    Do you have the volume control icon on top replacing the battery icon? If so, that's a known problem when you do that.
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    Nope, everything is default settings up there. Only thing really manipulated at all is I do have hidelogo installed. I did forget to mention that this issue only occurs with phonealarm installed. I just wanted to see if anyone knew of a setting that I might be missing before I uninstalled it.
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    Make sure phonealarm is set to the PROPER PROFILE, and make sure if your skin has 1-touch-vubrate, that it is not enabled. Def a phonealarm issue IMO.

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