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    I've searched this site pretty extensively for the answer, but am I the only one who get these pop up messages saying Out of Memory. When I check how much free memory I have, it's well over 30M so I don't understand why I keep getting this message. Any thoughts?
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    If this sounds obvious, I appologize, but I have to ask a couple things. What apps do you have installed, and could you post a screen-shot of your memory usage screen in settings? Also, which device do you have....W or WX (BIG difference)?

    When you see 30, that could be 9/10 of your program memory which is used to run apps, the storage memory is the one that you can fill up with files/apps, and get that message for.

    When you post with my questions, I am sure either one of the PPC gurus in here, or I can help you out!!

    P.S. don't worry about not finding anything in search, with something like memory usage, all cases are a bit different!!
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    How do I do a screenshot?

    I am using a 700wx.

    I have the following apps running when I get the message:

    Agile Messenger
    Yahoo IMAP
    Resco Explorer 2007

    Resco shows that I have about 25-30M free memory to run programs. Storage Memory is down to 24M that is still available.

    Hope that helps. Thanks again for your help...
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    OK, when you use Resco to show mwmory being used, is that while all those apps are open or not? I am thinking your getting the message because you have too many apps running at one time (Today apps also take memory to run, depending on your Today setup, you may be losing memoty there as well) you find an app or two closing themselves out, or the device just freezing while using them?

    It does sound like there is something missing from what we have learned so far though, that really doesn't sound like a lot!!

    P.S. Here is a screen cap utility, you have to sync to install....if you need a CAB one, just let me know.
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    Here is the CAB (just in case)!!
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    Hey Docnavyguy, I had the same problem too about 2 months ago. My Treo would consistently have 25+ megs of free memory yet I would still get the "out of memory" warnings frequently. While I have no proof, my gut feeling is that it started happening after I installed the Verizon MMS "hack". However, even after uninstalling it I still had the problem.

    I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but I finally resolved the problem by doing a hard reset and then reinstalling all my apps. (but not the MMS app) Since the hard reset, I've never seen the problem even though I've often had 10 megs or less of free ram. Who knows what the problem really was or if the Verizon MMS app was to blame, but whatever it was I don't think it has anything to do with how much memory you actually have available.
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    I think your right. I didn't start having that pop-up until I installed that hack. Since it doesn't seem to be anything more than a pain-in-the-**** pop-up, (and don't wanna go thru the hassle of a hard reset) I'll live with it. Thanks. Good to know I wasn't the only one who had this problem!

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