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    I am about to throw my laptop and my phone out the window.
    I bought a new BT dongle that works with Vista. I know this b/c i installed and can make a pair with my phone but that is it. I can't get it to link. I get the unable to find a computer with a activesync connection when I tr to BT. I have the latest version of wmdc and my Treo 700wx software is current. The dongle and BT sync work great on my desktop running XP.

    Can anyone that has gotten this to work please please please help me!!!
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    When you set up WMDC you need to make sure that it is trying to use the port assigned to BT. Go to the control panel>system and check under ports what port is assigned to BT. As long as it is assigned there to the correct port you should be able to sync. Also, I found this out by accident, I was not ever able to get the laptop to show active sync as a service when I had paired to a different machine to sync via BT.

    Good Luck...
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    Where in systems is that? I don't see anywhere were I can address the ports in control panel> system on Vista.

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